How can we visualise people’s state of mind in these times of confusion and transformation? My new book ‘Some Way Out of Here, explores a new and different way to represent the uncertainty of our era.  Using a 3D LiDAR camera, known for its ambiguous and mysterious point clouds, I sought the limits of lens-based image-making in a manner that resonates with the fluidity of my theme. Scouring the streets of Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam, I captured people lost in their thoughts, questions, and dreams. Unknown futures lie ahead.....
Publisher: The Eriskay Connection | 230 × 304 mm | 48 pages | EN | hardcover | ISBN: 978-94-92051-90-5​​​​​​​ | Design: Carel Fransen | € 30.00.
Here are some impressions. The book will arrive on 12 September 2022.
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