Jos Jansen lives and works in the Netherlands. He holds a master’s degree in psychology from Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. In addition, he studied documentary photography and film at AKV|St. Joost, Academy for Art and Design in the Netherlands. He obtained his bachelor’s degree with honours (cum laude). In the last decade Jansen published six photo books. His work was published and exhibited in The Netherlands, Spain, France, Belgium, UK, Russia, Japan, USA and South Korea.
Recent interviews and publications: Musée Magazine (USA), Vostok Photography Magazine (South Korea), NRC, de Volkskrant, Trouw, Financieel Dagblad, Het Parool, VPRO Radio, VPRO Gids, Vrij Nederland, Metropolis M, GUP Guide to Unique Photography, Pf Photography Magazine, DAZED, WIRED Magazine USA, WIRED Magazine Japan, De Correspondent, Professor Francis Hodgson's photography blog, Noord-Hollands Dagblad, Leidsch Dagblad, Eindhovens Dagblad, Dagblad van het Noorden, BN De Stem, New Dawn Magazine, Fotografia Magazine, Focus Magazine, EOS Wetenschap, Wetenschap in Beeld, Canon EOS Magazine.
Artist statement 
Jos Jansen is a visual artist whose work spans research, image-making (photography, film and data visualisation), writing and psychology. In his work, he interrogates the relationship between humanity, technology, science and nature, blending documentary and conceptual photographic practices. Although he takes reality as a starting point, his narratives intend to be personal and subjective, often bridging the divide between reality and fiction. Photo books, essays, exhibitions and video installations are favourite media to present his work.
josjansen2050 [at]
- Some way out of here (September 2022). Publisher: The Eriskay Connection.
- This is not about pigeons - Hades and the rise of the platforms (April 2021). Publisher: The Eriskay Connection.
- Universe - Facts in the post-truth era (May 2018). Essay by Robbert Dijkgraaf. Publisher: The Eriskay Connection.
- Battlefields (September 2015). Publisher: The Eriskay Connection.
- Seeds - on the origin of food crops (September 2014). Publisher: The Eriskay Connection.
- Entering the back box - some exploratory notes on the essence of deep (2012). Publisher: The Eriskay Connection. 
- The lab - Connected Creativity (2011). Self published. 
- My dear father (2010). Publisher: Meulenhoff, Amsterdam.
Selections and nominations
- This is not about pigeons selected by Panoramic, festival for film and photography in Barcelona (2021)
- Universe shortlisted by PHotoESPANA 2019 for the Best Books of the Year Award
- Universe longlisted as one of the best Dutch photo books 2017-2019
- Universe selected by Jeffrey Lad and 'Photobookstore' UK as one of the 12 best photo books of 2018
- Universe selected by Dutch daily De Volkskrant as one of the 10 best photo books of 2018
- Universe included in the PhotoIreland Collection (2018)
- Battlefields nominated for the Prix du Livre 2016 (Rencontres d'Arles, France)
- Battlefields selected as one of the best 2015 photobooks in Spain and Austria
- Battlefields acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York
- Battlefields selected by KALEID editions London as one of the best European artist books 2016
- Seeds selected by Nederlands Foto Museum as one of the most interesting photo books 2011-2016 
- Seeds selected by Dutch daily De Volkskrant as one of the 15 best photo books of 2014
- Entering the back box included in the curated PhotoIreland Collection (2013)
- Entering the back box nominated for St Joost / Avans Graduation Prize 2012 (honourable mention)
- Entering the back box nominated by AKV St Joost for the Lucas Prize 2012.
- Barcelona, 'Open Circle, Lived Relation'. At Panoramic, festival for film, photography and more (This is not about pigeons, the photobook), 14 oct - 14 Nov 2021
- Antwerp (BEL), Kunsthal Extra City, 'Daily Night Shift': 'Faceless Bosses' and Battlefields, 21 March - 28 June 2020
- Groningen (NL), Noorderlicht 2019, International Photo Festival 'Taxed to the Max' ('GIG', 6 Oct - 1 Dec 2019)
- Amsterdam City Archives, (Universe, May-July 2019)
- Madrid PhotoEspaña (Best photobooks of the year 2019 - Universe, June-July 2019)
- Naarden Photo Festival 2019 (Exhibition of best Dutch photo books 2017-2019 - Universe, May-June 2019)
- Centre Photographique Rouen Normandie, France, (UNIVERSE, Feb-May 2019)
- Fotodok, Utrecht: 'Who's in control - exploring new narratives of power (UNIVERSE, 2018)
- BredaPhoto 2018, international biennial for contemporary documentary photography (UNIVERSE, 2018)
- Groningen (NL), Noorderlicht 2017, International Photo Festival 'Nucleus' (Playground, 2017)
- Assen (NL), Noorderlicht 2017, International Photo Festival 'Nucleus' (Seeds, 2014)
- Naarden Photo Festival 2017 (Exhibition of recent Dutch photo books - Battlefields, 2013)
- Arles Photo Festival 2016 (Exhibition of nominated photo books - Battlefields, 2013)
- Kiev (Ukraine), Photobookshow Kiev (Seeds, 27-29 May 2016)
- Rotterdam (NL), Nederlands Foto Museum (Quickscan#02, Seeds, 23 Jan - 8 May 2016)
- Leiden (NL), Rijks Museum Boerhaave (The Science of Seeds, 8 May - 3 January 2016)
- Haarlem (NL), Galerie Paviljoen Welgelegen ('Natuur talenten', group exhibition, 9 June - 1 September 2015)
- Naarden Photo Festival 2015 (Exhibition of recent Dutch photo books, 2015)
- Hoorn (NL), West-Fries Museum (SEEDS, March-May 2015)
- Boston (USA), Griffin Museum of Photography (SEEDS the photo book, Jan 2015)
- Brighton Photo Biennial 2014 (UK) (SEEDS the photo book, Oct-Nov 2014)
- BredaPhoto 2014, international biennial for contemporary documentary photography (SEEDS, 2014)
- St Petersburg Museum of Modern Art Erarta (Undercover, exhibition contemporary Dutch photo books, 2013)
- Naarden Photo Festival 2013 (Exhibition of recent Dutch photo books - Seeds, 2013)
- Eindhoven, Schellens Fabriek (Black Box - STRP Meets Dutch Technology Week, 2013)
- Amsterdam, De Melkweg Gallery (Black box, 2013)
- Eindhoven, Krabbedans, Witte Dame Building (Black box, solo exhibition, 2012)
- Rotterdam, Kaap Belvédère (KatendrechtV, group exhibition, 2011)
- Nijmegen, Radboud University Campus (solo exhibition, 2010)
- Amsterdam Centre for Photography, Amsterdam (group exbibition, 2008)
- Amsterdam, Philips Breitner Centre, (2008)​​​​​​​.
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