In this book, published in 2014,  Jos Jansen examines how innovative food crops are developed and how this process bears upon the world food problem. SEEDS is about Darwin’s natural selection and how it has long been overtaken by high-tech plant breeding. The project focuses on the aspect of how new food crops that are resistant to pests and diseases are bred, and therefore contribute significantly to our future food supply.
Behind the images in this project, quintessential questions arise. Who is actually in charge on this planet? Nature? Human beings? A god? Should humans stop interfering with evolution and go back to the authenticity of small-scale farms and city farming? Or rather, is it humanity’s duty to steer evolution so that we can create enough food to feed the booming world population? What is natural and unnatural? And what does ‘natural’ mean anyway?
Publisher: The Eriskay Connection | 292 x 245 mm | 112 pages | hardcover | EN | essay: Bas Haring | design: Rob van Hoesel | lithography: Colour & Books | € 35 | ISBN: 978-94-920510-1-0 (2014).
Some press quotes:
- 'He shows images that evoke associations with the 'Three Worlds' of MC Escher...' (Lodewijk Dros in Dutch daily newspaper Trouw)
- 'It's a fascinating trawl through a world that is hidden to most of us but is also quite beautiful. It challenges both our prejudices against the unnatural, but questions what natural actually mean.' (Colin Pantall, British Journal of Photography)
- 'How a non-sexy subject suddenly can become exciting.' (Merel Bem in Dutch daily newspaper De Volkskrant).
- 'A beautiful montage of overlapping images makes you curious'. (Arno Haijtema in Dutch daily newspaper De Volkskrant, about Seeds).
Selections and nominations:
- Selected by Nederlands Foto Museum as one of the most interesting photo books 2011-2016 
- 'Selected by Dutch daily De Volkskrant as one of the 15 best photo books of 2014.
Limited edition prints on archival fine art paper can be delivered in various sizes​​​​​​​.
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