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An overview of recent press coverage

- 'How a non-sexy subject suddenly can become exciting.' (Merel Bem in Dutch daily newspaper De Volkskrant, about Seeds).
- 'He shows images that evoke associations with the 'Three Worlds' of MC Escher...' (Lodewijk Dros in Dutch daily newspaper Trouw about Seeds)
- 'It's a fascinating trawl through a world that is hidden to most of us but is also quite beautiful. It challenges both our prejudices against the unnatural, but questions what natural actually mean.' (Colin Pantall, British Journal of Photography, about Seeds)
- 'Fascinating work! Feels a bit like Vol. 2 of Schmidt's "Lebensmittel" (not ment negative), I was scared by the hidden "beauty" of food-production.(Joseph Chladek, influential photo book blogger, about Seeds)
- 'A beautiful montage of overlapping images makes you curious'. (Arno Haijtema in Dutch daily newspaper De Volkskrant, about Seeds).
- 'A number of themes absolutely central to photography meet in this wonderful series of pictures by the artist Jos Jansen.' (Francis Hodgson, professor in the culture of photography, about Battlefields).

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